Timothy Hall Photography 2022-2023 Booth

Timothy Hall Photography Approach

I like to create work that was a story. Ideally, My work should elicit a conversation. I believe photography is the only art form that has the potential to be a mirror that reflects the current state of human-kind. In my approach, I do not use extensive digital manipulation.

Featured Items

During 2022-2023 Art festival Season, you will find the following items on display. I only make 20 prints of the featured items. The appearance of the booth is subject to change as the prints sell out.  

Earth 2099 (1): Dome Home Cape Romano

Created 2021.

As of July 2020 17 of 20 remain

Built in Florida in 1981 on Ten Thousand Island which is south of Marco Island, and only accessible via water, the ultra-modern Dome House is a complex of stilted concrete igloos slowly being reclaimed by the sea. The dome structure was considered idea for people who wanted to build something that was self-sustaining. In this case, it did not work out as planned.

Earth 2099 (2): Dome Home Cape Romano

Created 2021.

As of July 2022 15 of 20 remain

Among the innovations at the site are the raised units themselves which would be heated by lighting fires among the concrete pylons beneath the rooms, and the dome-shaped roofs which were to direct rainwater into troughs that would then be collected for showering and dishwater.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge (B/W)

Created 2021.

As of July 2020 15 of 20 remain

The original Sunshine Skyway was a two-lane beam bridge with a central truss bridge built directly to the west of the current structure. It was completed in 1954, and a second span was added in 1971.

The original Skyway was the site of two major maritime disasters over a four-month span, the second of which resulted in the bridge's partial destruction and eventual replacement.

Earth 2099 (3): Dome Home Cape Romano

Created 2021.

As of July 2022 12 of 20 remain

The dome home was built using the sand on the island to make the concrete. The house had all the amenities of a luxury home. Solar panels provided the power for a modern kitchen, satellite television and a large hottub on the deck. The home could only be accessed by boat. There was a dock in the inlet on the back side of the island. Originally it was quite a walk from the house to the gulf. Time and nature have turned the house into a home for sea creatures and a perch for sea gulls and pelicans.

The Domes of Casa Grande (1)

Created 2022

As of July 2022 13 of 20 remain

The Domes were built to facilitate the manufacturing of computers back in the late 1970s to the early 1980s but were never completed, as is evident from a couple of foundations that were started and were never finished.

The Domes of Casa Grande (2)

Created 2022

As of July 2022 19 of 20 remain

One of the buildings is shaped like a flying saucer, and the other three are as if spheres were joined together, looking like huge concrete caterpillars.  “Stay out of there and don’t go into the tunnels” is the refrain, and indeed there are tunnels under the eastern end of this facility. But despite all the stories, whether anything more sinister than underage beer-drinking, ghost stories, and the occasional squatter spending the night has ever happened is unknown.

The Domes of Casa Grande (3)

Created 2022

As of July 2022 19 of 20 remain

The Domes became a permanent fixture in the desert just south of Casa Grande. They’re the only thing visible amongst the huge expanse of flat land. Like many abandoned buildings, the Domes quickly became a haven for graffiti artists and drunk teenagers. Locals also used the location as an illegal dumping ground, leaving behind tires, furniture, and hazardous waste. Since it is the Southwest, the Domes also attract a steady stream of UFO hunters looking to catch an alien spacecraft.

The Domes of Casa Grande (B/W)

Created 2022

As of July 2022 19 of 20 remain

Over the years, the concrete on the Domes began to weaken and fall apart. There are holes in the ceiling. On a few of the buildings, most of the outer concrete shell has fallen off, exposing the polyurethane coating. The inside walls were painted with graffiti. The remote location made it an ideal place for parties and raves.

Airstream Ranch

Created 2016

As of July 2022 5 of 20 remain

The Airstream Ranch sees eight silver bullets of the open road jammed into the earth at an angle not unlike a chromed out set of giant’s dominoes. Thousands of visitors frequent the attraction each year to marvel at the odd automobiles, but not everyone is so tickled. In 2017 the installation was demolished to make room to expand the Airstream dealership.

Beauty: 34th Street Graffiti Wall

Created 2019

As of July 2022 10 of 20 remain

People call the 1,120-foot wall the “Community Bulletin Board.” Artists post all kinds of things from victory announcements and personal victories to activism slogans and tributes. Most of the art is done by students and local residents, but sometimes, a professional contributes to the piece. Local historians believe there are at least 250 layers of paint in some areas.

When you come by my booth, be sure to check out some of new items to the Timothy Hall Photo Arts lineup.

Recent Editions

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Timothy Hall Photo Arts

If you have the opportunity, please come by my booth and witness the power of photography.

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